2000-12-01 15:31:17

by Guennadi Liakhovetski

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Subject: Re[2]: DMA !NOT ONLY! for triton again...

Glad all this discussion helped at least one of us:-))

As for me, as I already mentioned in my last posting - I don't know why BIOS makes the difference (as in your case) if ide.txt says it shouldn't?! Ok, chipset, perhaps, is fine. But what about the hard drive? You told you had WDC AC21600H. Can you PLEASE check waht CCC is marked on its label? PLEASE! I am trying to get an answer from WD on this, but not yet alas...

And - COME ON, GUYS! - somebody MUST know the answer - how to spot the guilty one - kernel configuration / BIOS / chipset / disk???


> back in, started playing in the bios. Finally fixed it. I was getting > the same operation not permitted, that you
> were,until i got that bios setting. But it's making me
> wonder if it's something similar in your bios!
> I know it wasn't the actual UDMA setting in the bios, i'm
> wondering what it was though. I'll put a keyboard on it,
> and poke around tonight or this weekend.