2000-12-01 17:52:35

by Jeff V. Merkey

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Subject: Re: Oops in 2.2.18 with pppd dial in server

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 12:46:18PM +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I was able to reproduce this oops with a somewhat more reliable ksymoops (I was ready for this nasty bug this time). Looks like the problem is in the sockets
> > code.
> The traces so far all match one description , this one included. Its the
> 'something scribbled a while ago and I just walked the list and found it'
> Is your ppp module getting loaded/unloaded a lot. Im wondering if we have

Humm. The kernel ppp module is not getting unloaded. I am using both the
pppd 2.3.11 and pppd-mppe 2.3.10 versions (pppd-mppe has CHAP-80 and MPPE
patched into the code). The user space module does load and unload a lot
due to all the testing we are doing.

I took the CWorthy ncurses interface I wrote for the NWFS tools, and am
using it to write a pppconfig utility that handles modem setup, inittab,
mgetty, options.ttyX, etc. so setting up a dial-in server will be as
easy with IPX and IP as it is in NT.

I have also noticed that pppd is not "kicking" modprobe -v the way it
probably should, and the ppp kernel modules have to be loaded and
configured manually.


> a module related race. That would explain why folks running large ppp dialin
> servers simply dont see any problems
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