2000-10-27 20:18:58

by Ulrich Kiermayr

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Subject: netscape and 2.2.18pre1[67] alpha


I have a problem with netscape 4.75 under RH6.2 with a 2.2.18pre1[67].

running it as root wirks fine, running it as ordinary user hangs very

The logs show several

Oct 27 21:29:25 guinevere kernel: <sc 0(84,c8,11ffffa78)><sc
53(8,c8,11ffffa78)><sc 0(17,336,11ffffa78)><sc
53(8,336,11ffffa78)>set_program_attributes(12000000 d98000 14000000


I have tried this on 2 different Alpha-Types (Avanti, SX164) with several
tifferent compiling-options, bon without success.

Any suggestions how I can make netscape and maybe other Tru64 Binaries
work properly, since the alphas are in a cluster with some Tru64 servers?

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