2000-12-03 15:53:57

by Vytautas Kasparavicius

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Subject: HP E60 strange network problems

Have strange problem:
HP E60 server(Intel 82559 onboard NIC) + RedHat 6.2 with latest fixes. About
40 computers(WIN9X) in local network, 3COM dual speed switch and 3 compex
10Mb hubs. Everything is OK except sometimes can't ping workstations from
linux server. From workstations I can ping everything without any problems,
but from linux server sometimes can't ping another computers on network.
Here is no "request timed out" errors, just ping freezes. No error entries
in /var/log/messages. Boot log without problems too. Someone expierenced
similiar problems ????
Tried to replace switch with 10Mb hub, to move server on another port, all
cabling is UTP5(tested) nothing helps
Please answer to email, because I'm not subscribed to this list.