2000-12-06 11:21:49

by Ulrich Windl

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Subject: poll: nanoseconds in 2.5?


maybe some of you know that I patched an early 2.2 kernel (2.1.131 or
so) to provide nanoseconds to the customers, i.e. xtime has tv_nsec.

The patch is available throughout 2.2 (including 2.2.17).

I merged the patch into 2.4test11, it compiles and boots so far.

Now I wonder if there's interest to integrate my code to an early 2.5.
I will have to clean up some obsolete stuff, and order a few things

I will need strong support for the non i386 architectures however (I
only have a Pentium for testing).

Interestingly some of my changes are already in 2.4: Moving the time
stuff out from kernel/sched.c, joining mktime(), etc.

If there is interest, please say so. I could provide an early alpha-
quality patch by monday, maybe even this friday if someone wants to
test it or implement another architecture.

(The 2.2 stuff is named PPSkit-1.0.1 and can be found in
/pub/linux/daemons/ntp/PPS on most mirrors of quality ;-)