2000-12-08 21:20:43

by Rasmus Andersen

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Subject: [PATCH] remove warning from drivers/net/rclanmtl.c


(Does anyone know the maintainer of this code?)

When compiling drivers/net/rclanmtl.c (240t12p3) I get a warning about
incompatible pointer assignment. As far as I can tell it has appeared
because PU32 has been changed to __u32* since test9 (where it was an
unsigned long*). The following patch fixes this by changing the
offending lvalue to a PU32 instead of an unsigned long*, which is
my unqualified guess at a fix.

--- linux-240-t12-pre3-clean/drivers/net/rclanmtl.c Sat Nov 4 23:27:08 2000
+++ linux/drivers/net/rclanmtl.c Fri Dec 1 22:36:49 2000
@@ -1561,7 +1561,7 @@
RCResetLANCard(U16 AdapterID, U16 ResourceFlags, PU32 ReturnAddr, PFNCALLBACK CallbackFunction)
unsigned long off;
- unsigned long *pMsg;
+ PU32 pMsg;
PPAB pPab;
int i;
long timeout = 0;

Rasmus([email protected])

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