2000-12-08 22:55:20

by Jean Tourrilhes

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Subject: GlobeCom 2000 -> Networking papers


I was a GlobeCom 2 weeks ago, and I noticed a few articles
relevant to Linux networking that you might be interested in

On ECN :
Archan Misra, John Baras & Teunis Ott. Generalised TCP
Congestion Avoidance and its Effect on Bandwidth Sharing and
Variability. GlobeCom 2000 (GI2b-2).
The response to an ECN by the end node should not be as
drastic as to a packet loss (divide window by two) to make traffic
smoother. Can't find paper on the web, but they have the full PhD
Dissertation :

Srisankar Kunniyur & R. Srikant. A Decentralised Adaptive ECN
Marking Algorithm.
How to optiomally mark packets with ECN in the routers. Good,
but fail to address cohexistence problem (mix of ECN and non ECN
traffic). Available at :

On Header compression :
Lars-Ake Larzon, Hans Hannu, Lars-Erik Jonsson, Krister
Svanbro. Efficient Transport of Voice over IP over Cellular Links.
Describes ROCCO, a RTP robust header compression scheme. No
paper available, but the IETF working group has more recent work :

My personal comment : It would be nice if someone would allow
the use of those header compression schemes (ROCCO as well as regular
VJ) over regular Ethernet adapters and not only within PPP.
The reason is that IP over IrDA (IrLAN) and IP over BlueTooth
(PAN) use Ethernet encapsulation, and don't use PPP. 802.11 and other
wireless LANs use regular Ethernet frames natively. All those
technologies, due to their low bandwidth, could make good use of it...

Have fun...