2000-12-09 08:08:18

by Ryan Murray

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Subject: Re: esound over tcp problem with linux-2.4.0-test[89]

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 12:05:32PM -0400, John M. Flinchbaugh wrote:
> basically, when i added ram to my linux-2.4.0-test8 box taking it from
> 96M to 192M of ram. esd over tcpip started popping, hesitating,
> distorting. if i limit the memory at kernel boot to 127M (and no

The popping and distorting are bugs of esound, which are fixed in the
0.2.22-1 Debian package.

The hesitating, however, seems like it may be a kernel problem:

esound on 2.2.x with localhost tcp sockets, or 2.4.x with unix domain
sockets return 4096 bytes per read of a sound stream (such as that
from an mp3 player).

esound on 2.4.x with localhost tcp sockets sometimes returns 4096 bytes,
sometimes less, and sometimes stops sending data for a second or two, causing
esd to "pause" and go to sleep, and stopping all audio output. Forcing esound
to not read any more data (with a horrible sleep(1) in the code) causes enough
data to queue up on the socket that the hesitation vanishes. If the stream
stops and starts again (ie: switches songs in your mp3 player), the hesitation
often comes back until esound sleeps for a second again.

So my question is whether there may be a problem in localhost TCP sockets
with streams of data like this?

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