2000-12-09 22:25:35

by David D.W. Downey

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Subject: RE: network delays with NE2K-PCI

Anyone have a clue on this issue? Even a starting point would be

I want to add a bunch of printfk() to the source so that I can track what
functions are being executed and when in the hope that it may lend a hand in
tracking this down. I'm NOT a coder in any way shape or form so this will be
a major thing for me. Would it be considered spamming the list if I dump the
responses I get back and identify when the last printfk() came through and
the lag started?

Would that assist someone on this list in any way in helping me with this?

Since this is a major list I don't want to spam it if it would be.

David PGPKeys Downey