2000-12-10 09:51:24

by Peter J. Braam

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Subject: InterMezzo FS beta 0.93 available

InterMezzo is a high availability file system featuring write back caching
and disconnected operation. It replicates file trees across multiple
systems, one of the systems plays the role of server, the others are
clients. InterMezzo recovers from network and server
failures. InterMezzo shares many ideas with Coda but is considerably
simpler and less fully featured.

You can find packages and source for beta 0.93 Linux 2.2 kernels in:

Documentation is available on the InterMezzo WWW site:

Mailing lists with announcements, discussions etc. are available at:

Sources for cutting edge versions are available from

New since the previous release:

- We have migrated to "stock" POE from CPAN
- Considerable simplification of reconnection code
- Minor improvements and feature additions to the kernel code
- RPM packages
- Minor documentation updates
- Improvements to the config tools

To reach 1.0 we have the following outstanding issues:
- Move forward to ext3 0.05c or later
- Better documentation
- Conflict detection
- Bug fixes

Particular thanks go to Shirish Phatak from Tacitus Systems
([email protected]) for very persistent debugging and testing.
Gord Matzigkeit ([email protected]) has build the RPM packages and cleaned up
the build environment for this purpose. Many others have contributed

- Peter Braam -
Mountain View Data, Inc.


InterMezzo relies on journal file systems for recovery. This release
works with Ext3 and you must compile 0.03b into your kernel, as well as
the following 3 lines to be add in linux/kernel/ksyms.c:

#include <linux/jfs.h>


intermezzo-announce mailing list
[email protected]