2000-12-10 10:51:54

by Jeff V. Merkey

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Subject: 2.2.18 Frame Buffer Problem with DELL


I will post the DELL Laptop information on the chipsets Monday relative
to this problem. If someone else has some DELL hardware to test,
I have posted the Ute-Linux ISO's at vger.timpanogas.org that use
the 2.2.18pre-25 kernel integrated with David Hinds PCMCIA 3.1.22
and modutils 2.3.20. They are at

Binary RPM
Source RPM

This release has 2.2.18-25 integrated into the anaconda installer.
This is the release I am seeing the DELL laptop problems when
framebuffer is enabled under 2.2.18-25. This is kindof tough to test
properly without the integrated installer, so I have posted
the iso's early if someone out there wants to help test with these
laptop problems. IBM Thankpads passed with flying colors, BTW.