2000-12-10 23:22:10

by Robert Love

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Subject: [HOWTO] Quick howto fix on the new task queue

the majority of the problems i am seeing with the new task queue is that,
on list init, *next is still being used. all of that was replaced by a
single list member in the new implementation.

on init, *next is typically set to NULL. for the new task queue, there is
a macro to initialize the list: INIT_LIST_HEAD, so we simply need to use
that in lieu.

thus, replace something like:
penguin->tq.next -> NULL;


this is the only problem i am seeing in pre8 ... i am still looking for
some documentation on the new interface, but the source (where i got the
above, hopefully i am right) is readable.

Robert M. Love
[email protected]
[email protected]