2000-12-11 00:31:38

by Giuseppe Guerrini

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Subject: [PATCH] serial.c, kernel 2.2.14

Hi, Linux community!

Some time ago I had to add a proprietary multiport card to my Linux box,
and found a small incompatibility with the standard Linux serial
driver. The driver confuses the NEC NS1655x-family UARTs with Startch
ST16550, and decide not to use the FIFO, although the NEC UARTs fully
support it. In addition, the identifying algorithm is able to mess up the
state of NEC16552 Dual UART. The patch in attachment solved my problem. I
generated and tested it only on my RedHat 6.2 Linux box with kernel
2.2.14. The patch adds an item in the kernel configuration menu
("CONFIG_NEC_DUART_SUPPORT"). Although it should be harmless, I suggest to
use it only if really needed.


P.S. Please answer at my personal address, because I am not subscribed to
the mailing list.



Giuseppe Guerrini <[email protected]>
L'ordine non e` che una configurazione particolare del caos.

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