2000-12-11 08:12:51

by Ulrich Windl

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Subject: 2.4.0test11: "nanoseconds patch" (prerelease) available


related to my question about having nanoseconds in xtime for Linux 2.5,
two (or three) people were interested, or at least managed to route
their message to me. As promised I have made an early release patch
against 2.4.0test11 available at

ftp.kernel.org:/pub/linux/daemons/ntp/PPS/pps-2.4-pre1.tar.bz2 (63kB,
patch + digital signature)

The modified sources compile, link and boot (for arch/i386), but
consider this code as alpha quality, and don't use it for production
use. It is possible that it works perfectly, but I simply don't have
the experience.

Fixes for any architectures are appreciated. Finally I want to get rid
of gettimeoffset() and a lot of redundant code.

I noticed that the ATM drivers access xtime directly. If jiffies are
not fine enough, do_gettimeofday() has to be called for now. If that's
too slow, we have to think about an alternative.