2000-12-12 12:48:19

by Peter Hanecak

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Subject: 2.2.17 with Hedrick's IDE patch compiled with gcc-2.95.3-0.20000323


I saw announcement about new 2.2.18 release and notice about
newer compilers. So I'm writing ...

Since Sep 6 2000 I'm running kernel 2.2.17 with Andre Hedrick's IDE patch
(20000904) compiled with gcc-2.95.3-0.20000323 (RedHat package). I'm
runing it on Pentium III/650 MHz system with 256 MB of RAM, 4 disks and
one CD-ROM (two disk and CD-ROM are on regular IDE, one disk in on ATA),
old ES1688 based ISA sound card and PCI 3c905B Cyclone etherrnet adapter.

I'm working mostly undex X windows (GNOME desktop).

Since then I did not encountered any crash except one - when one program
attempted to allocate A LOT of memory.

Also my "biggest" problem with my machine is that when I'm making big IO
with disks (copying BIG files - 10-100 MB), machine stops respondiong for
a socond (sound stop playing, mouse cursor responding, screen
redrawing). But after that everything continues fine.

Thanks to kernel developers for good work.

If anyone has questions I will be happe to answer.


Peter Hanecak

Peter Hanecak <[email protected]>
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