2000-12-13 00:12:11

by Jonathan Woithe

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Subject: PATCH: ALSxxx soundcard documentation update

Hi Linus

Here is a minor update to Documentation/sound/ALS which covers the PnP
issues with a little more clarity than is currently done. It is for the
2.4.testXXX series and made against the ALS file from test10.


--- linux-2.4.test10-orig/Documentation/sound/ALS Wed Apr 12 11:43:15 2000
+++ linux-2.4.test10/Documentation/sound/ALS Tue Nov 21 09:07:04 2000
@@ -9,25 +9,42 @@
as part of the Sound Blaster 16 driver (adding only 800 bytes to the
SB16 driver).

-To use an ALS sound card under Linux, enable the following options in the
-sound configuration section of the kernel config:
+To use an ALS sound card under Linux, enable the following options as
+modules in the sound configuration section of the kernel config:
- 100% Sound Blaster compatibles (SB16/32/64, ESS, Jazz16) support
- FM synthesizer (YM3812/OPL-3) support
+ - standalone MPU401 support may be required for some cards; for the
+ ALS-007, when using isapnptools, it is required
Since the ALS-007/100/200 are PnP cards, ISAPnP support should probably be
-compiled in.
+compiled in. If kernel level PnP support is not included, isapnptools will
+be required to configure the card before the sound modules are loaded.

-Alternatively, if you decide not to use kernel level ISAPnP, you can use the
-user mode isapnptools to wake up the sound card, as in 2.2.X. Set the "I/O
-base for SB", "Sound Blaster IRQ" and "Sound Blaster DMA" (8 bit -
-either 0, 1 or 3) to the values used in your particular installation (they
-should match the values used to configure the card using isapnp). The
-ALS-007 does NOT implement 16 bit DMA, so the "Sound Blaster 16 bit DMA"
-should be set to -1. If you wish to use the external MPU-401 interface on
-the card, "MPU401 I/O base of SB16" and "SB MPU401 IRQ" should be set to
-the appropriate values for your installation. (Note that the ALS-007
-requires a separate IRQ for the MPU-401, so don't specify -1 here). (Note
-that the base port of the internal FM synth is fixed at 0x388 on the ALS007;
-in any case the FM synth location cannot be set in the kernel configuration).
+When using kernel level ISAPnP, the kernel should correctly identify and
+configure all resources required by the card when the "sb" module is
+inserted. Note that the ALS-007 does not have a 16 bit DMA channel and that
+the MPU401 interface on this card uses a different interrupt to the audio
+section. This should all be correctly configured by the kernel; if problems
+with the MPU401 interface surface, try using the standalone MPU401 module,
+passing "0" as the "sb" module's "mpu_io" module parameter to prevent the
+soundblaster driver attempting to register the MPU401 itself. The onboard
+synth device can be accessed using the "opl3" module.
+If isapnptools is used to wake up the sound card (as in 2.2.x), the settings
+of the card's resources should be passed to the kernel modules ("sb", "opl3"
+and "mpu401") using the module parameters. When configuring an ALS-007, be
+sure to specify different IRQs for the audio and MPU401 sections - this card
+requires they be different. For "sb", "io", "irq" and "dma" should be set
+to the same values used to configure the audio section of the card with
+isapnp. "dma16" should be explicitly set to "-1" for an ALS-007 since this
+card does not have a 16 bit dma channel; if not specified the kernel will
+default to using channel 5 anyway which will cause audio not to work.
+"mpu_io" should be set to 0. The "io" parameter of the "opl3" module should
+also agree with the setting used by isapnp. To get the MPU401 interface
+working on an ALS-007 card, the "mpu401" module will be required since this
+card uses separate IRQs for the audio and MPU401 sections and there is no
+parameter available to pass a different IRQ to the "sb" driver (whose
+inbuilt MPU401 driver would otherwise be fine). Insert the mpu401 module
+passing appropriate values using the "io" and "irq" parameters.

The resulting sound driver will provide the following capabilities:
- 8 and 16 bit audio playback
@@ -45,3 +62,5 @@

Modified 2000-02-26 by Dave Forrest, [email protected] to add ALS100/ALS200
Modified 2000-04-10 by Paul Laufer, [email protected] to add ISAPnP info.
+Modified 2000-11-19 by Jonathan Woithe, [email protected]
+ - updated information for kernel 2.4.x.

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