2000-12-13 19:29:56

by Boerner, Brian

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Subject: Adding a new SCSI driver in 2.4.x

I'm trying to add a new scsi driver to the 2.4.x code stream. I've added the
driver into:

In 2.2 you also had to add it under hosts.c, but that doesn't appear to be
the case any longer.

I ran:
make clean;
make mrproper;

then I ran make xconfig.

Selected the aacraid driver to be built as part of the resident kernel.

make bzImage;make modules

Installed the kernel and the modules that I just built. Blah Blah Blah.

Reboot the new kernel, but the aacraid driver detect function never gets
called. I must be missing added the pci ids for this card someplace. I just
don't know where I suppose to add the Scsi Host Template Structure.


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