2000-10-29 21:15:55

by Constantine Gavrilov

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Subject: Re: SMP System 2.2.15 #2 locking

Could be a hardware problem. Check the errata/bios updates for your
board or system. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a
hardware BUG with an Intel server board. It is funny the way they
describe the bug -- it is a manufacturer problem that affects only one
of 5 (or 6, I do not remember) PCI slots. If you have a card in that
slot, the system locks up under loads randomly. They solve it with a
BIOS upgrade by degrading PCI clocks on all of the slots!

The BIOS upgrade did solve my problem and the system uptime has been
above 4 months now. Before the upgrade, the system crashed once each
24-48 hours.

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