1998-12-17 07:12:10

by Tymm Twillman

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Subject: Re: process checkpointing

Have you looked into libckpt?



On Wed, 16 Dec 1998 [email protected] wrote:

> On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Guest wrote:
> > are there any patches to support process checkpointin on x86 ?
> I'm currently working on this, but I have virtually nothing written yet.
> Since you mention it, I'll take this opporunity to seek input from the
> rest of the community.
> Actually, I'm surprised I haven't seen anything from anyone else yet. The
> basic problem (ignoring, for now, things like open files) appears to be
> fairly straightforward. I'm fairly certain I can implementing the dumping
> of the process in just userspace (using ptrace and /proc), and I half
> suspect that the reloading can also be done in userspace.
> Mind you, this is a problem, since I am doing this for my final in a class
> about the Linux kernel. I kinda have to modify the kernel, and I'm not
> sure I really need to.
> Of course, to actually be useful gets more complicated. Even ignoring
> things like IPC it's complicated. You really have to handle pipes, or else
> you have no stdin/stdout. Those are usually considered of some importance
> to programs. And security.... I haven't really thought too hard about it,
> but it seems to me that there are some definite security issues to
> consider here.
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