1998-12-18 09:24:22

by Jes Sorensen

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Subject: Re: 2.0.37pre3 won't boot

>>>>> "Ingo" == MOLNAR Ingo <[email protected]> writes:

Ingo> On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Matt Kemner wrote:

>> However I just compiled and installed 2.0.37pre3 on one of my
>> PRODUCTION machines, and am getting the same error - it will
>> uncompress, tell me it's booting the kernel, and then I get
>> nothing. This machine is an intel P166 Classic on a HX board, 96MB
>> RAM, Stallion host adapter with 4x16 tty panels.

Ingo> i am currently debugging a similar problem, and the funny thing
Ingo> is that if the kernel is compiled on my box, the system boots,
Ingo> if it's compiled on the failing system, it doesnt ... So just
Ingo> about the only remaining variable is binutils. What version of
Ingo> binutils do you have, especially the version of as86 and ld86?
Ingo> the one i have is:

Hmmmm there was a modification in a late binutils that
changed the behavior of the alignment of segments when linking. It
struck us on the m68k by preventing 2.0.x kernels from booting so I
did a nasty hack and reverted the patch for the binutils RPM on the

Dunno if it is related, but I attached the patch below.


--- binutils- Tue Feb 17 20:36:01 1998
+++ binutils- Thu Jul 23 17:57:41 1998
@@ -165,7 +165,6 @@
${RELOCATING+_end = . ;}