2008-02-28 10:57:04

by Guillaume Bedot

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Subject: Re: [Bluez-devel] forcing SCO connection patch

On jeu, 2008-02-28 at 11:49 +0900, Louis JANG wrote:
> Hi Marcel,
> I changed what you said below and attached patch again.
> And did you check Guillaume's patch for this issue? his patch try to
> find again when ev->link_type is SCO_LINK only. I think his way is
> better than mine. I haven't saw other case (LM is not support esco but
> ESCO_LINK is connected) and I think it shouldn't happen in a normal
> situation.

Perhaps my patch fixes half of the issue, as it does not get a handle on
the other case, and I just miss the point.

The cases represented in the "Messages Sequences Chart" are said to be
"examples", and they cover all the possible cases.
Maybe I just lack imagination.

If I have no example, it doesn't matter : if it happens, the same issue
will occur if the two link types aren't tried.

Best regards,

Guillaume B.