2009-02-27 09:08:09

by Yao Ye

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Subject: obexd receive files failure, no org.openobex.Agent.Authorize called

hi, all :

I'm using obexd-0.8 on my pxa310 platform. Since I could not compile the
D-Bus Python binding, I could not use the test Python scripts
(obexd-0.8/test/simple-agent) to receive files. Hence I create some
small C programs to replace the python scripts.

when i start receive-file agent, it exit quickly, and no files have been
received !
Here is the point I'm blocked. I don't know in which direction the wrong
is !
I don't know what additional info can be given !?

The attachment is the source code and loginfo.
Thanks in advance for any helps.

Best regards
yesir Yao.

obexd.receive.log (6.01 kB)
receive-files.c (9.99 kB)
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