2009-02-17 07:21:54

by Vlad Skarzhevskyy

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Subject: Bluetooth RFCOMM speed under VMWare

Hi Marcel
I would like to get some clues to the problem of running BlueZ under
VMWare or VMware-Fusion

I have tested many Bluetooth USB devices on nativity installed Linux
systems and on guest under VMWare. The RFCOMM connection speed differs
dramatically in VM guest.
When on native Linux I have 600,000 bit/sec in VM guest it would be
20,000 bit/sec or less.

Devices I tired: USB TRUST BT-2210Tp, USB D-Link DBT-120, Microsoft
Wireless Transceiver v 2.0, Toshiba Bluetooth V2.0 EDR USB Adapter

Under host Win XP VMWare 6.5: I tired guest Ubuntu 8.10 32 bit, Fedora
9 and 10 32and 64 bit, SUSE 11.1 32 bit
Under host OS X Leo VMware-Fusion 2.0.1: I tired guest Fedora 10 32 bit

All with the same results! Connection speed is 20,000 bit/sec or less
on Linux guest system .

The most confusing is that when under Win XP host I tired Windows XP
guest with ms or widcomm stack I got the speed that is very
comparable to native RFCOMM speed for the same device.


I have not tired Linux as host operating system for another Linux.