2009-02-12 15:23:01

by Pierre Wenger

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Subject: Problem with kbluetooth on a EeePC 901 on Xandros


I installed kdebluetooth and openobex-apps and every thing work in the console : after starting bluetooth, dbus and th hci interface (hciconfig hci0 up), I can use hcitool to scan or inq and it find all my BT peripherals (4 differents GSM and a Palm in a test).

The problem is in kbluetooth : it start but stay gray saying "No Bluetooth Adapter".

Seems to me that the program is searching the adapter in the wonrg place, but after a lot of Google search, I didn't find the key of this problem.

The key is a Trust BT-2210Tp (Class 2) and the netbook is an Asus EeePC 901

Thank you very much for your help

Pierre Wenger