2009-03-30 07:24:09

by Kartikey Parmar

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Subject: Cross compiling bluez for ARM


I have ronelix-arm-linux-4.3.3 toolchain installed on Suse 10.3
I am configuring bluez-4.30 by writing:
./configure --host=arm-linux --prefix=PREFIX CC=arm-linux-gcc
CPP=arm-linux-cpp AR=arm-linux-ar STRIP=arm-linux-strip
LD=arm-linux-ld --disable-test
it successfully configures. but when I run "make" it shows error that
could not read libglib-2.0.so - unrecognized symbols in "src" folder
of bluez-4.30

can someone guide me how to overcome this problem?
if there is another method to cross compile bluez protocol stack for
arm pls guid me thorugh.

awaiting for reply...

Kartikey Parmar
R&D Software Engg
Matrix Telecom Pvt Ltd
Baroda, Gujarat (India)
09879095390 (M)