2009-03-27 11:37:11

by Giorgos Papanikas

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Subject: Has www.holtmann.org moved to another url?

Hello to all,

I'm new to this mailing list and to bluetooth stuff, generally.

I must program an usb bluetooth adapter to send AT commands to a
bluetooth module (BR-SC30A of BlueRadios) and receive its replies. I
have setup a successful communication using two of these modules (one
on the PC side) which are programmed to use their SPP profile, but now
I have to replace the module at the PC side with the usb adapter. If I
've understood it right, I have to bind the RFCOMM usb device to the
BR-SC30A and then send AT commands in a way similar to the code of
attest.c. Am I right? Does anyone have any advice for me?

Trying to figure out how I can implement this using Bluez libraries,
I've found MANY links to various pages of http://www.holtmann.org.But it
seems to be down. Is it temporary? Has it moved to another url? Or is
anywhere its pages saved? I'm asking because I found the name of this
site's owner in MANY replies of this list.

Thank you very much,