2009-07-05 21:40:37

by Matthew Booth

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Subject: Unexplained start of audio glitches on F11

I bought a new bluetooth stereo headset last week. After I discovered
creating /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf with:


I was able to put the headset into A2DP mode and the sound quality was
excellent. It stayed this way for 2 days. However, I have now started
getting audio stutters every few seconds, and my logs are full of:

l2cap_recv_acldata: Unexpected continuation frame (len 0)

The appearance of these message appears to be strongly correlated with
audio skips. The headset continues to operate perfectly when connected
to my mobile phone. Its battery is fully charged. I experience the
glitches with direct line of sight to my laptop at a distance of < 2 feet.

Google shows up a number of hits on the above error message, but they're
related to poor signal strength, which I think I've ruled out.

I'm using pulseaudio, which is running at realtime priority. For good
measure I have also tried the bluetooth daemon both with and without
realtime priority. This doesn't appear to be related. Does anybody have
any more voodoo tricks?



P.S. I haven't managed to find any documentation for audio.conf
anywhere. Is there any?