2009-08-07 08:58:10

by Johannes Buchner

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Subject: Scatternets


I am doing a project to implement Scatternet formation algorithms and
am considering building upon bluez.
Not to make you do my project for me, but:

Is there already a scatternet formation algorithm implemented in bluez?
Where would be the right place to look?
Any reasons why this might be a bad idea or other solutions would be

So far, I read through these:
(and its sf project http://jbluez.sf.net/ but BASkit misses)
and skimmed various scatternet formation algorithm articles.

It is my understanding so far, that all I need to do is scan, connect
devices, negotiate and set devices in master/slave mode so that
eventually, the right number of nodes are in each piconet. I don't have
to edit bluez code, the tools of bluez should suffice.

Looking forward to your insight.

Best regards,

PS: I want to make my code public afterwards.

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