2009-10-16 14:36:07

by Colin Beckingham

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Subject: Bluetooth signals "Unable to open seid 64"

Using Suse 11.1
Bluez 4.54
Blueman from svn 602
Pulseaudio 0.9.19
Hardware Jabra BT2040 headset and adapter dongle MSI Starkey

Blueman is able to open a link to the headset and start the headset
service, shortly after this there is a message from pulseaudio that
something has gone awry with the audio link.

bluetoothd -nd has much output including the following which seems relevant:

bluetoothd[26861]: Audio API: BT_REQUEST <- BT_OPEN
bluetoothd[26861]: open sco -
object=/org/bluez/26861/hci0/dev_00_1A_45_32_E7_16 source=ANY
destination=ANY lock=readwrite
bluetoothd[26861]: Unable to open seid 64
bluetoothd[26861]: sending error Invalid argument(22)
bluetoothd[26861]: Audio API: BT_ERROR -> BT_OPEN
bluetoothd[26861]: Unix client disconnected (fd=31)

Does this mean anything to the bluetooth community? Suggestions welcome.