2020-04-25 12:04:51

by Nicolas Fabbro

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Subject: 0b05:1825 - HSP/HFP - command to route SCO to HCI


I'm trying to get my bluetooth headset working under HSP/HFP.
Currently, I can connect my headset to the bluetooth adapter, listen to
audio without issues using A2DP profile. However, when switching to
HSP/HFP, audio and mic do not work. For instance, when trying to
troubleshoot using the parecord command, the stream seems to get stuck
at a very early stage (after 0.028 sec). When opening the resulting
test file, it's empty.

After investigating, my current conclusion is that I need to use a
hardware specific hcitool command in order to route SCO traffic to the
HCI interface. Nevertheless, I could not find the command to use for my
bluetooth chipset. I am therefore contacting the mailing list to find
out if anyone would know it by any chance.

Hardware information:
- Motherboard : Asus Strix Z270E Gaming
- Bluetooth chipset : ID 0b05:1825 ASUSTek Computer, Inc. Qualcomm
Bluetooth 4.1

Software information :
- Void Linux
- BlueZ v5.54
- Pulseaudio v13.0

Thank you very much in advance for your help, I'll happily provide
additional information if needed.

Best Regards,