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Subject: [Bug 60824] [PATCH][regression] Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle unusable


--- Comment #263 from Swyter ([email protected]) ---
For those using Arch Linux, the patches arrived to the «core» repo yesterday
with the linux 6.1.1.arch1-1 package. Your dongles should work out of the box



Some other mainstream distros may be in a similar situation, let me know how it
goes. Happy to see this going downstream fast. :)

[ 6.711218] Bluetooth: hci0: CSR: Setting up dongle with HCI ver=9 rev=0810;
LMP ver=9 subver=2312; manufacturer=10
[ 6.711226] Bluetooth: hci0: CSR: Unbranded CSR clone detected; adding
workarounds and force-suspending once...
[ 7.061122] systemd[1]: Starting Bluetooth service...
[ 7.083941] Bluetooth: hci0: HCI Delete Stored Link Key command is
advertised, but not supported.
[ 7.083945] Bluetooth: hci0: HCI Read Default Erroneous Data Reporting
command is advertised, but not supported.
[ 7.083948] Bluetooth: hci0: HCI Set Event Filter command not supported.

Check your `dmesg | grep Bluetooth` out.

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