2023-03-23 21:19:49

by Jay Foster

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Subject: [PATCH BlueZ] btmgmt: Fix typo in command help text

From: Jay Foster <[email protected]>

Fix a couple of typos in the btmgmt command help text.

Signed-off-by: Jay Foster <[email protected]>
diff --git a/tools/btmgmt.c b/tools/btmgmt.c
index 323c267..1efbc75 100644
--- a/tools/btmgmt.c
+++ b/tools/btmgmt.c
@@ -5897,7 +5897,7 @@ static const struct bt_shell_menu main_menu = {
     { "ssp",        "<on/off>",
         cmd_ssp,        "Toggle SSP mode"        },
     { "sc",            "<on/off/only>",
-        cmd_sc,            "Toogle SC support"        },
+        cmd_sc,            "Toggle SC support"        },
     { "hs",            "<on/off>",
         cmd_hs,            "Toggle HS support"        },
     { "le",            "<on/off>",
@@ -5959,7 +5959,7 @@ static const struct bt_shell_menu main_menu = {
     { "ext-config",        "<on/off>",
         cmd_ext_config,        "External configuration"    },
     { "debug-keys",        "<on/off>",
-        cmd_debug_keys,        "Toogle debug keys"        },
+        cmd_debug_keys,        "Toggle debug keys"        },
     { "conn-info",        "[-t type] <remote address>",
         cmd_conn_info,        "Get connection information"    },
     { "io-cap",        "<cap>",

2023-03-23 21:30:56

by bluez.test.bot

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Subject: RE: [BlueZ] btmgmt: Fix typo in command help text

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Please resolve the issue and submit the patches again.

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