2024-03-20 22:22:24

by kernel test robot

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Subject: [bluetooth-next:master] BUILD SUCCESS 60482ab92867d8f5f79994865860a6f41c83d5f3

tree/branch: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bluetooth/bluetooth-next.git master
branch HEAD: 60482ab92867d8f5f79994865860a6f41c83d5f3 Bluetooth: ISO: Don't reject BT_ISO_QOS if parameters are unset

elapsed time: 722m

configs tested: 150
configs skipped: 3

The following configs have been built successfully.
More configs may be tested in the coming days.

tested configs:
alpha allnoconfig gcc
alpha allyesconfig gcc
alpha defconfig gcc
arc allmodconfig gcc
arc allnoconfig gcc
arc allyesconfig gcc
arc defconfig gcc
arc haps_hs_smp_defconfig gcc
arc randconfig-001-20240320 gcc
arc randconfig-002-20240320 gcc
arc vdk_hs38_smp_defconfig gcc
arm allmodconfig gcc
arm allnoconfig clang
arm allyesconfig gcc
arm defconfig clang
arm mmp2_defconfig gcc
arm randconfig-001-20240320 gcc
arm randconfig-002-20240320 gcc
arm randconfig-003-20240320 gcc
arm randconfig-004-20240320 gcc
arm rpc_defconfig clang
arm64 allmodconfig clang
arm64 allnoconfig gcc
arm64 defconfig gcc
arm64 randconfig-001-20240320 clang
arm64 randconfig-002-20240320 gcc
csky allmodconfig gcc
csky allnoconfig gcc
csky allyesconfig gcc
csky defconfig gcc
csky randconfig-001-20240320 gcc
hexagon allmodconfig clang
hexagon allnoconfig clang
hexagon allyesconfig clang
hexagon defconfig clang
i386 allmodconfig gcc
i386 allnoconfig gcc
i386 allyesconfig gcc
i386 buildonly-randconfig-001-20240320 clang
i386 buildonly-randconfig-002-20240320 gcc
i386 buildonly-randconfig-003-20240320 gcc
i386 buildonly-randconfig-004-20240320 clang
i386 buildonly-randconfig-005-20240320 gcc
i386 buildonly-randconfig-006-20240320 gcc
i386 defconfig clang
i386 randconfig-001-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-002-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-003-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-004-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-005-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-006-20240320 gcc
i386 randconfig-011-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-012-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-013-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-014-20240320 clang
i386 randconfig-015-20240320 gcc
i386 randconfig-016-20240320 clang
loongarch allmodconfig gcc
loongarch allnoconfig gcc
loongarch defconfig gcc
m68k allmodconfig gcc
m68k allnoconfig gcc
m68k allyesconfig gcc
m68k defconfig gcc
microblaze allmodconfig gcc
microblaze allnoconfig gcc
microblaze allyesconfig gcc
microblaze defconfig gcc
mips allnoconfig gcc
mips allyesconfig gcc
mips cu1830-neo_defconfig gcc
mips decstation_64_defconfig gcc
mips ip28_defconfig gcc
mips maltaaprp_defconfig clang
nios2 allmodconfig gcc
nios2 allnoconfig gcc
nios2 allyesconfig gcc
nios2 defconfig gcc
openrisc allnoconfig gcc
openrisc allyesconfig gcc
openrisc defconfig gcc
parisc allmodconfig gcc
parisc allnoconfig gcc
parisc allyesconfig gcc
parisc defconfig gcc
parisc64 defconfig gcc
powerpc allmodconfig gcc
powerpc allnoconfig gcc
powerpc allyesconfig clang
powerpc motionpro_defconfig clang
powerpc socrates_defconfig gcc
powerpc tqm8541_defconfig clang
powerpc wii_defconfig gcc
powerpc xes_mpc85xx_defconfig gcc
riscv allmodconfig clang
riscv allnoconfig gcc
riscv allyesconfig clang
riscv defconfig clang
s390 allmodconfig clang
s390 allnoconfig clang
s390 allyesconfig gcc
s390 defconfig clang
sh allmodconfig gcc
sh allnoconfig gcc
sh allyesconfig gcc
sh defconfig gcc
sh rts7751r2d1_defconfig gcc
sparc allmodconfig gcc
sparc allnoconfig gcc
sparc defconfig gcc
sparc64 allmodconfig gcc
sparc64 allyesconfig gcc
sparc64 defconfig gcc
um allmodconfig clang
um allnoconfig clang
um allyesconfig gcc
um defconfig clang
um i386_defconfig gcc
um x86_64_defconfig clang
x86_64 allnoconfig clang
x86_64 allyesconfig clang
x86_64 buildonly-randconfig-001-20240320 gcc
x86_64 buildonly-randconfig-002-20240320 clang
x86_64 buildonly-randconfig-003-20240320 clang
x86_64 buildonly-randconfig-004-20240320 clang
x86_64 buildonly-randconfig-005-20240320 gcc
x86_64 buildonly-randconfig-006-20240320 clang
x86_64 defconfig gcc
x86_64 randconfig-001-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-002-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-003-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-004-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-005-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-006-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-011-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-012-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-013-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-014-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-015-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-016-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-071-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-072-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-073-20240320 clang
x86_64 randconfig-074-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-075-20240320 gcc
x86_64 randconfig-076-20240320 clang
x86_64 rhel-8.3-rust clang
xtensa allnoconfig gcc
xtensa cadence_csp_defconfig gcc
xtensa nommu_kc705_defconfig gcc

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