2021-03-05 19:35:03

by Chris PeBenito

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Subject: ANN: SETools 4.4.0

SETools 4.3.4 is now available:


This SETools requires Python 3.6+ and libsepol 3.2+

User Visible Changes

* Added support for old Boolean name substitution in seinfo and sesearch.
* Added sechecker tool which is a configuration file driven analysis tool.

Development Related Changes

* Updated policy representation to handle policydb version 33, compressed
filename transitions.
* Changed apol tab registry to use metaclasses rather than having a multiple
static dictionaries in the code.
* Fixed bug in queries where checks that permissions were part of the specified
object class would incorrectly raise exceptions when the object class
criteria is a regex.
* Added type annotations to the code and added static type checking for
continuous integration tests.
* Reduced aggressiveness of default compiler flags. Since the C code is
generated by Cython, there typically isn't anything SETools can do when Cython
causes compiler warnings.

Chris PeBenito