2024-03-21 13:03:17

by Chris PeBenito

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Subject: ANN: SETools 4.5.0

A new release of SETools is available:


User Visible Changes

* Add graphical results for information flow analysis and domain
transition analysis, available in apol, sedta, and seinfoflow.
* Add tooltips, What's This?, and detail popups in apol to help
cross-referencing query and analysis results along with
context-sensitive help.

Under The Hood Changes
* Rework apol to fully generate the UI programmatically.
* Update apol to PyQt6
* Replace deprecated uses of pkg_resources and distutils.
* Begin adding unit tests for apol UI.

Updated Dependencies

SETools now higher minimum versions of the following dependencies:

* Python 3.10
* NetworkX 2.6
* PyQt6
* Cython 0.29.14

New Dependencies

* pygraphviz (for seinfoflow, sedta, apol)
* pytest (if running unit tests)

Chris PeBenito