2007-12-21 14:05:26

by Le Rouzic

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Subject: Kerberized NFS SetUp Tutorial and Commands Version 3


You will find at http://nfsv4.bullopensource.org/ the Version 3 of the
set of three commands which facilitate and
control the setup of a linux kerberized NFSV4 environmment:
- krbkdcsv to setup a Kerberos KDC and a Kerberos administration Server
- krbnfssv to setup a Kerberos NFS Server
- krbnfscl to setup a Kerberos NFS Client

Joined the Version 3 of a tutorial which tries to gather all what need
NFSV4 administrators
and end-users to easily configure NFSV4 within a secure Kerberos

Those commands have been tested in FEDORA CORE (with the CITI Kerberos
NFSV4 components) and RHEL5.1 environments.


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