2007-12-11 01:26:19

by Steve Dickson

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Subject: Re: [PATCH] nfs-utils: sm-notify does not remove its pid file.

Neil Brown wrote:
> I was under the impression that /var/run was always cleaned out on
> reboot, so this shouldn't be a problem. Is my impression wrong?
I don't think there are any guarantees about this. I was under
the impression that the individual init scripts were suppose
to clean those up and I know I fixed a few bugs in that area. ;-)

> And I think the point of the lock file was the sm-notify would only
> run once per reboot.
Why impose a limit? Why not recover lock at any point?

> But I think that removing the lock file when sm-notify completes is
> wrong.
A side effect of all this is if rpc.statd is restarted and that
file is not cleaned up the client will never even try to recover any locks.
That's definitely not a good thing... imho...

> Note the comment in sm-notify.c:
> /*
> * Record pid in /var/run/sm-notify.pid
> * This file should remain until a reboot, even if the
> * program exits.
> * If file already exists, fail.
> */
I guess I just don't understand why a pid file need to exist after a
process is gone. Especially if its going to cause the next existence
to imminently exit (potentially causing data corruption).
That just does not seem very robust...