2008-01-04 18:21:17

by Bruce Fields

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Subject: Re: A new NFSv4 server...

On Fri, Jan 04, 2008 at 12:03:54PM -0600, Tom Haynes wrote:
> I suspect that the explosion of virtual servers has
> probably killed this type of effort. It appears much
> easier for me to give you an image than to expose
> a machine on the network.

Each little bit you can take away from the overhead will make people
much more likely to test. The connectathon experience is just:

- Look up server's name.
- mount servername:/ /mnt/
- run test

The virtual server image approach requires at least getting the server
image and probably doing some configuration too, and then remembering to
get updates occasionally.

> Sun actually has a set of test machines the public can
> use to regression test OpenSolaris fixes. I'm not sure
> if it can accommodate foreign OSes just yet.
> And to add to Rick's story, we've got the pNFS enabled
> bits available for download. We've only gotten feedback
> from one person. So either our code is really great and
> we are not getting feedback, or people are just waiting
> for the pNFS implementations to mature.

Or it got released just before the holidays....

> We did get a request to make the bits available as a
> VMware image. :->