2008-04-28 18:11:07

by Chuck Lever III

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Subject: Re: [NFS] NFS limits?

On Apr 28, 2008, at 6:43 AM, Jordi Prats wrote:
> Hi all,
> Witch are the limits of NFSv3 and NFSv4?

If you are using NFSv3, then this may not be an NFS limitation at
all. I seem to recall that some Linux kernels had issues with file
systems larger than 2TB.

Which kernel version are you using?

> I was wrong about the version I was using, we are currently using
> NFSv3.
> Anyone is exporting by NFS a filesystem as large (or larger) as our?
> Thanks,
> Jordi
> Jordi Prats wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> My boss is reluctant to upgrade this server, so I'm stuck to NFSv2 :
>> ( I
>> hope this will convince him !
>> Thanks,
>> Jordi
>> Peter Staubach wrote:
>>> Jordi Prats wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I've a 4246 GB (above 4TB) using NFSv2 to export it. Some
>>>> application
>>>> are generating estrange errors, so it's possible I'm facing a NFS
>>>> limit? How large can a be to be exported without problems?
>>>> I'm using a 32bits architecture.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Jordi
>>> NFSv2 is a 32 bit file access protocol, so don't be surprised
>>> if you see EFBIG sorts of errors on operations such as FSSTAT.
>>> In particular, that file system size is too large to represent,
>>> I am sort of surprised that it would even be mountable.
>>> Why not use NFSv3 or NFSv4?
>>> ps

Chuck Lever

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