2008-05-21 16:37:56

by Suresh Jayaraman

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Subject: Re: [NFS] nfs locking problems maybe solved

Talpey, Thomas wrote:
> At 07:20 AM 5/21/2008, Erik Hensema / HostingXS Internet Services wrote:
>> So I granted access to the portmapper on voyager, and
>> most clients were unstuck. I updated hosts.allow on most clients to
>> grant access to the portmapper now.
>> Now I still have about 4 clients which can't lock rrd files.
> ...
>> Everything is NFSv3 by the way. Most clients are opensuse 10.2 (kernel
>>, server is opensuse 10.3 (kernel
> You need to grant access to the client's portmap, nlm and statd ports
> in order for the server to call back with locking operations. Unfortunately,
> only portmap is at a well-known port (111). The nlm and statd ports are
> dynamically selected, and receive random high numbered port values.
> They are then advertised in portmap so if you are concerned about opening
> up an entire port range to the servers, you can see these with "rpcinfo -p".
> This command will show them under the names "nlockmgr" and "status"
> respectively. Remember these ports may change at every boot.
> Also be aware that "statd" is a kernel process on opensuse. Most other
> distros have rpc.statd as a user process.

"statd" is in-kernel only till OpenSUSE 10.2 and not in OpenSUSE 10.3.
It's a userspace process in 10.3 and make sure it's running.



Suresh Jayaraman

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