2023-01-22 04:55:27

by Wang Yugui

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Subject: any guide to install/test nfs sec=krb5?


Is there any guide to install/test nfs sec=krb5?

test env:
krb5 server : windows active directory
linux: rocky linux 9.1, already 'realm join' with sssd.

1) from redhat
Create the nfs/[email protected] principal on the NFS server side.
Create the host/[email protected] principal on both the server and the client side.
Add the corresponding keys to keytabs for the client and server.

but we need more detail.

2, from isilon
more detail than redhat.

but the following fail.
Test registration by running.
kinit -k host/<fqdn>@NFS-REALM.LOCAL

host/<fqdn> will is already created when 'realm join'?
host/<fqdn> is created here again, so there is some trouble?

'kinit -k nfs/<fqdn>@NFS-REALM.LOCAL' works as the document.

any guide please, thanks a lot.

Best Regards
Wang Yugui ([email protected])