2007-02-17 19:16:52

by Daniel Barkalow

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Subject: Autoloading crypto modules

I was having problems with WEP (in 2.6.19, but the relevant code
doesn't seem to have changed), which I eventually tracked down to this:

ieee80211-crypt-wep tries to use "ecb(arc4)", which works fine if ecb,
arc4, and cryptomgr are already loaded, but doesn't cause them to be
loaded if only arc4 is loaded.

I haven't tried with arc4 not loaded, but I did try arc4,cryptomgr and
arc4,ecb; neither of these caused the third one to be loaded.

(I also had crypto_algapi, michael_mic, and aes loaded, if that matters)

I can test stuff without too much trouble, but I'm out of ideas for things
to test.

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