2007-03-23 06:51:07

by Herbert Xu

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Subject: Re: crypto API to compute the hash of some small kernel-memory buffer

On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 01:13:59AM +0100, Nicolas Boullis wrote:
> First of all, sorry to bother you. I thought I'd rather ask my question
> to a list dedicated to the crypto API, but only found
> [email protected] that appears to be dead...

Actually that list is alive and well.

> I'm working on a linux driver for some hardware MPEG decompression
> boards (see dxr3.sourceforge.net). Those cards have an on-board i2c
> serial EEPROM, and I'd like to compute a hash of the EEPROM's content,
> to mach different card models.
> Since it's i2c-based, it can't be memory-mapped, so I think I have to
> first read it into a buffer in kernel memory. But the I have some
> trouble to compute the hash.
> It seemed to work correctly, while I used the crypto_digest functions +
> a direct call to the dis_update function of the underlying algorith,
> although it was somewhat hackish...
> It still seems to work allocating a crypto_hash transform and then using
> the underlying digest algorith functions, but looks even more hackish.
> SO my question is: is there a non-hackish way to compute the hash of a
> kernel buffer? (I thought I'd use md5 but a different one would be as
> fine.)

As long as your kernel buffer is malloced, you can turn it into an
sg list with sg_set_buf.

Once the async interface is in place, it might make sense to convert
all remaining sync users to use an address-based interface instead
of scatter lists.

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