2010-05-10 12:58:05

by Western Union Department

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Subject: Call For Confirmation Tel: +(44) 702 4098910,

My associate has helped me to send your first payment of US$7,500 to you
as instructed by Mr.James Gordon Brown the United Kingdom prime minister
after the last G20 meeting that was held on April 2nd in United Kindom,
making you one of the beneficaries. Here is the information below.

SENDER NAME: Mr.Solomon Daniel.Q
AMOUNT: US$7,500

I told him to keep sending you US$7,500 twice a week until the FULL
payment of (US $360,000.00 Dollars) is completed within 6 (six) Months.
A certificate will be made to change the Reciever Name as stated by the
British prime minister, send your Full Names and address via Email to:
Mr Garry Moore

The money will not reflect untill the clearance certificate is issue to
you by the G20 commitee.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +(44) 702 4098910,

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