2011-12-09 02:48:48

by Sandy Harris

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Subject: A fiddle for /dev/random

The program below gives somewhat random initialisers for the
three pools in the random(4) driver. It is sort of a compile
time equivalent of dumping /var/run/random-seed in.

If /dev/urandom is present on the development machine
(as it should be in nearly all cases), data from it is used.
If not, the fallback is to use data from the Blowfish digits
of pi, mixed into a somewhat random order.

This is not particularly useful since it gives no real entropy.

On the other hand, since we are going to allocate storage
anyway, it costs almost nothing to initialise it randomly.
It may be of some small value as a defense-in-depth
sort of thing, making attacks more complex even if, by
itself, it cannot prevent any.

Program to select numbers for initialising things
limits the range of Hamming weights
every byte has at least one bit 1, one 0

different every time it runs

writes to stdout, expecting makefile to redirect
results suitable for inclusion by random(4)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <fcntl.h>


Choose from a range of Hamming weights around 16
#define MIN 11
#define MAX (32-MIN)

unsigned *data ;

int accept(unsigned) ;
void outarray( int, int, char *) ;
void swap(int, int) ;
int fillarray( unsigned *, int) ;

main(int argc, char **argv)
unsigned u ;
int urandom, i, a, b, c, n, nbytes ;

set up defaults
correspond to random(4) defaults
a = 128 ;
b = 32 ;
c = 0 ;
arguments if given are
argv[3] -> size of constants[]
switch(argc) {
// each of these falls though to next
case 4:
c = atoi(argv[3]) ;
case 3:
b = atoi(argv[2]) ;
case 2:
a = atoi(argv[1]) ;
case 1 :
// does nothing
break ;
fprintf(stderr, "getrand: bad arguments\n") ;
exit(1) ;
// array size in 32-bit words
n = a + (2*b) + c ;
nbytes = n*4 ;
if( (data = malloc(nbytes)) == NULL) {
fprintf(stderr, "getrand: malloc() fails\n") ;
exit(1) ;
// normal case: development machine has /dev/urandom
if( (urandom = open("/dev/urandom", O_RDONLY)) != -1 ) {
// fill data[] with random material
read(urandom,data,nbytes) ;
// replace any entries that fail criteria
for( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ )
while( !accept(data[i]) )
read(urandom,data+i,4) ;
// no /dev/urandom, use digits of pi
if( (i = fillarray(data,n)) != n ) {
fprintf(stderr, "getrand: no urandom & not enough digits of pi\n") ;
exit(1) ;

// output
printf("#define INPUT_POOL_WORDS %d\n", a ) ;
printf("#define OUTPUT_POOL_WORDS %d\n\n", b) ;
outarray( 0, a, "input_pool_data") ;
outarray( a, b, "blocking_pool_data") ;
outarray( a+b, b, "nonblocking_pool_data") ;
outarray( a+(2*b), c, "constants" ) ;
exit(0) ;

void outarray( int start, int n, char *p)
int i, end, last ;
end = start + n ;
last = end - 1 ;
printf("static unsigned %s[] = {\n", p, n) ;
for( i = start ; i < end ; i++ ) {
printf("\t0x%08xL", data[i]) ;
if( i != last )
printf(",") ;
printf("\n") ;
printf("\t} ;\n\n") ;

int accept(unsigned u)
int h,i ;
char *p ;
// reject low or high Hamming weights
h = hamming(u) ;
if( (h<MIN) || (h>MAX) )
return(0) ;
// at least one 1 and at least one 0 per byte
for( i = 0, p = (char *) &u ; i < 4 ; i++, p++ ) {
switch(*p) {
case '\0':
case '\255':
return(0) ;
break ;
return(1) ;

Kernighan's method
int hamming(unsigned x)
int h ;
for (h = 0; x; h++)
x &= (x-1) ; // clear the least significant bit set
return(h) ;

digits of pi
from Paul Kocher's code for
Schneier's Blowfish

used if no /dev/urandom
static unsigned pi[] = {
0x243F6A88L, 0x85A308D3L, 0x13198A2EL, 0x03707344L,
0xA4093822L, 0x299F31D0L, 0x082EFA98L, 0xEC4E6C89L,
0x452821E6L, 0x38D01377L, 0xBE5466CFL, 0x34E90C6CL,
0xC0AC29B7L, 0xC97C50DDL, 0x3F84D5B5L, 0xB5470917L,
0x9216D5D9L, 0x8979FB1BL,
0xD1310BA6L, 0x98DFB5ACL, 0x2FFD72DBL, 0xD01ADFB7L,
0xB8E1AFEDL, 0x6A267E96L, 0xBA7C9045L, 0xF12C7F99L,
0x24A19947L, 0xB3916CF7L, 0x0801F2E2L, 0x858EFC16L,
0x636920D8L, 0x71574E69L, 0xA458FEA3L, 0xF4933D7EL,
0x0D95748FL, 0x728EB658L, 0x718BCD58L, 0x82154AEEL,
0x7B54A41DL, 0xC25A59B5L, 0x9C30D539L, 0x2AF26013L,
0xC5D1B023L, 0x286085F0L, 0xCA417918L, 0xB8DB38EFL,
0x8E79DCB0L, 0x603A180EL, 0x6C9E0E8BL, 0xB01E8A3EL,
0xD71577C1L, 0xBD314B27L, 0x78AF2FDAL, 0x55605C60L,
0xE65525F3L, 0xAA55AB94L, 0x57489862L, 0x63E81440L,
0x55CA396AL, 0x2AAB10B6L, 0xB4CC5C34L, 0x1141E8CEL,
0xA15486AFL, 0x7C72E993L, 0xB3EE1411L, 0x636FBC2AL,
0x2BA9C55DL, 0x741831F6L, 0xCE5C3E16L, 0x9B87931EL,
0xAFD6BA33L, 0x6C24CF5CL, 0x7A325381L, 0x28958677L,
0x3B8F4898L, 0x6B4BB9AFL, 0xC4BFE81BL, 0x66282193L,
0x61D809CCL, 0xFB21A991L, 0x487CAC60L, 0x5DEC8032L,
0xEF845D5DL, 0xE98575B1L, 0xDC262302L, 0xEB651B88L,
0x23893E81L, 0xD396ACC5L, 0x0F6D6FF3L, 0x83F44239L,
0x2E0B4482L, 0xA4842004L, 0x69C8F04AL, 0x9E1F9B5EL,
0x21C66842L, 0xF6E96C9AL, 0x670C9C61L, 0xABD388F0L,
0x6A51A0D2L, 0xD8542F68L, 0x960FA728L, 0xAB5133A3L,
0x6EEF0B6CL, 0x137A3BE4L, 0xBA3BF050L, 0x7EFB2A98L,
0xA1F1651DL, 0x39AF0176L, 0x66CA593EL, 0x82430E88L,
0x8CEE8619L, 0x456F9FB4L, 0x7D84A5C3L, 0x3B8B5EBEL,
0xE06F75D8L, 0x85C12073L, 0x401A449FL, 0x56C16AA6L,
0x4ED3AA62L, 0x363F7706L, 0x1BFEDF72L, 0x429B023DL,
0x37D0D724L, 0xD00A1248L, 0xDB0FEAD3L, 0x49F1C09BL,
0x075372C9L, 0x80991B7BL, 0x25D479D8L, 0xF6E8DEF7L,
0xE3FE501AL, 0xB6794C3BL, 0x976CE0BDL, 0x04C006BAL,
0xC1A94FB6L, 0x409F60C4L, 0x5E5C9EC2L, 0x196A2463L,
0x68FB6FAFL, 0x3E6C53B5L, 0x1339B2EBL, 0x3B52EC6FL,
0x6DFC511FL, 0x9B30952CL, 0xCC814544L, 0xAF5EBD09L,
0xBEE3D004L, 0xDE334AFDL, 0x660F2807L, 0x192E4BB3L,
0xC0CBA857L, 0x45C8740FL, 0xD20B5F39L, 0xB9D3FBDBL,
0x5579C0BDL, 0x1A60320AL, 0xD6A100C6L, 0x402C7279L,
0x679F25FEL, 0xFB1FA3CCL, 0x8EA5E9F8L, 0xDB3222F8L,
0x3C7516DFL, 0xFD616B15L, 0x2F501EC8L, 0xAD0552ABL,
0x323DB5FAL, 0xFD238760L, 0x53317B48L, 0x3E00DF82L,
0x9E5C57BBL, 0xCA6F8CA0L, 0x1A87562EL, 0xDF1769DBL,
0xD542A8F6L, 0x287EFFC3L, 0xAC6732C6L, 0x8C4F5573L,
0x695B27B0L, 0xBBCA58C8L, 0xE1FFA35DL, 0xB8F011A0L,
0x10FA3D98L, 0xFD2183B8L, 0x4AFCB56CL, 0x2DD1D35BL,
0x9A53E479L, 0xB6F84565L, 0xD28E49BCL, 0x4BFB9790L,
0xE1DDF2DAL, 0xA4CB7E33L, 0x62FB1341L, 0xCEE4C6E8L,
0xEF20CADAL, 0x36774C01L, 0xD07E9EFEL, 0x2BF11FB4L,
0x95DBDA4DL, 0xAE909198L, 0xEAAD8E71L, 0x6B93D5A0L,
0xD08ED1D0L, 0xAFC725E0L, 0x8E3C5B2FL, 0x8E7594B7L,
0x8FF6E2FBL, 0xF2122B64L, 0x8888B812L, 0x900DF01CL,
0x4FAD5EA0L, 0x688FC31CL, 0xD1CFF191L, 0xB3A8C1ADL,
0x2F2F2218L, 0xBE0E1777L, 0xEA752DFEL, 0x8B021FA1L,
0xE5A0CC0FL, 0xB56F74E8L, 0x18ACF3D6L, 0xCE89E299L,
0xB4A84FE0L, 0xFD13E0B7L, 0x7CC43B81L, 0xD2ADA8D9L,
0x165FA266L, 0x80957705L, 0x93CC7314L, 0x211A1477L,
0xE6AD2065L, 0x77B5FA86L, 0xC75442F5L, 0xFB9D35CFL,
0xEBCDAF0CL, 0x7B3E89A0L, 0xD6411BD3L, 0xAE1E7E49L,
0x00250E2DL, 0x2071B35EL, 0x226800BBL, 0x57B8E0AFL,
0x2464369BL, 0xF009B91EL, 0x5563911DL, 0x59DFA6AAL,
0x78C14389L, 0xD95A537FL, 0x207D5BA2L, 0x02E5B9C5L,
0x83260376L, 0x6295CFA9L, 0x11C81968L, 0x4E734A41L,
0xB3472DCAL, 0x7B14A94AL, 0x1B510052L, 0x9A532915L,
0xD60F573FL, 0xBC9BC6E4L, 0x2B60A476L, 0x81E67400L,
0x08BA6FB5L, 0x571BE91FL, 0xF296EC6BL, 0x2A0DD915L,
0xB6636521L, 0xE7B9F9B6L, 0xFF34052EL, 0xC5855664L,
0x53B02D5DL, 0xA99F8FA1L, 0x08BA4799L, 0x6E85076AL,
0x4B7A70E9L, 0xB5B32944L, 0xDB75092EL, 0xC4192623L,
0xAD6EA6B0L, 0x49A7DF7DL, 0x9CEE60B8L, 0x8FEDB266L,
0xECAA8C71L, 0x699A17FFL, 0x5664526CL, 0xC2B19EE1L,
0x193602A5L, 0x75094C29L, 0xA0591340L, 0xE4183A3EL,
0x3F54989AL, 0x5B429D65L, 0x6B8FE4D6L, 0x99F73FD6L,
0xA1D29C07L, 0xEFE830F5L, 0x4D2D38E6L, 0xF0255DC1L,
0x4CDD2086L, 0x8470EB26L, 0x6382E9C6L, 0x021ECC5EL,
0x09686B3FL, 0x3EBAEFC9L, 0x3C971814L, 0x6B6A70A1L,
0x687F3584L, 0x52A0E286L, 0xB79C5305L, 0xAA500737L,
0x3E07841CL, 0x7FDEAE5CL, 0x8E7D44ECL, 0x5716F2B8L,
0xB03ADA37L, 0xF0500C0DL, 0xF01C1F04L, 0x0200B3FFL,
0xAE0CF51AL, 0x3CB574B2L, 0x25837A58L, 0xDC0921BDL,
0xD19113F9L, 0x7CA92FF6L, 0x94324773L, 0x22F54701L,
0x3AE5E581L, 0x37C2DADCL, 0xC8B57634L, 0x9AF3DDA7L,
0xA9446146L, 0x0FD0030EL, 0xECC8C73EL, 0xA4751E41L,
0xE238CD99L, 0x3BEA0E2FL, 0x3280BBA1L, 0x183EB331L,
0x4E548B38L, 0x4F6DB908L, 0x6F420D03L, 0xF60A04BFL,
0x2CB81290L, 0x24977C79L, 0x5679B072L, 0xBCAF89AFL,
0xDE9A771FL, 0xD9930810L, 0xB38BAE12L, 0xDCCF3F2EL,
0x5512721FL, 0x2E6B7124L, 0x501ADDE6L, 0x9F84CD87L,
0x7A584718L, 0x7408DA17L, 0xBC9F9ABCL, 0xE94B7D8CL,
0xEC7AEC3AL, 0xDB851DFAL, 0x63094366L, 0xC464C3D2L,
0xEF1C1847L, 0x3215D908L, 0xDD433B37L, 0x24C2BA16L,
0x12A14D43L, 0x2A65C451L, 0x50940002L, 0x133AE4DDL,
0x71DFF89EL, 0x10314E55L, 0x81AC77D6L, 0x5F11199BL,
0x043556F1L, 0xD7A3C76BL, 0x3C11183BL, 0x5924A509L,
0xF28FE6EDL, 0x97F1FBFAL, 0x9EBABF2CL, 0x1E153C6EL,
0x86E34570L, 0xEAE96FB1L, 0x860E5E0AL, 0x5A3E2AB3L,
0x771FE71CL, 0x4E3D06FAL, 0x2965DCB9L, 0x99E71D0FL,
0x803E89D6L, 0x5266C825L, 0x2E4CC978L, 0x9C10B36AL,
0xC6150EBAL, 0x94E2EA78L, 0xA5FC3C53L, 0x1E0A2DF4L,
0xF2F74EA7L, 0x361D2B3DL, 0x1939260FL, 0x19C27960L,
0x5223A708L, 0xF71312B6L, 0xEBADFE6EL, 0xEAC31F66L,
0xE3BC4595L, 0xA67BC883L, 0xB17F37D1L, 0x018CFF28L,
0xC332DDEFL, 0xBE6C5AA5L, 0x65582185L, 0x68AB9802L,
0xEECEA50FL, 0xDB2F953BL, 0x2AEF7DADL, 0x5B6E2F84L,
0x1521B628L, 0x29076170L, 0xECDD4775L, 0x619F1510L,
0x13CCA830L, 0xEB61BD96L, 0x0334FE1EL, 0xAA0363CFL,
0xB5735C90L, 0x4C70A239L, 0xD59E9E0BL, 0xCBAADE14L,
0xEECC86BCL, 0x60622CA7L, 0x9CAB5CABL, 0xB2F3846EL,
0x648B1EAFL, 0x19BDF0CAL, 0xA02369B9L, 0x655ABB50L,
0x40685A32L, 0x3C2AB4B3L, 0x319EE9D5L, 0xC021B8F7L,
0x9B540B19L, 0x875FA099L, 0x95F7997EL, 0x623D7DA8L,
0xF837889AL, 0x97E32D77L, 0x11ED935FL, 0x16681281L,
0x0E358829L, 0xC7E61FD6L, 0x96DEDFA1L, 0x7858BA99L,
0x57F584A5L, 0x1B227263L, 0x9B83C3FFL, 0x1AC24696L,
0xCDB30AEBL, 0x532E3054L, 0x8FD948E4L, 0x6DBC3128L,
0x58EBF2EFL, 0x34C6FFEAL, 0xFE28ED61L, 0xEE7C3C73L,
0x5D4A14D9L, 0xE864B7E3L, 0x42105D14L, 0x203E13E0L,
0x45EEE2B6L, 0xA3AAABEAL, 0xDB6C4F15L, 0xFACB4FD0L,
0xC742F442L, 0xEF6ABBB5L, 0x654F3B1DL, 0x41CD2105L,
0xD81E799EL, 0x86854DC7L, 0xE44B476AL, 0x3D816250L,
0xCF62A1F2L, 0x5B8D2646L, 0xFC8883A0L, 0xC1C7B6A3L,
0x7F1524C3L, 0x69CB7492L, 0x47848A0BL, 0x5692B285L,
0x095BBF00L, 0xAD19489DL, 0x1462B174L, 0x23820E00L,
0x58428D2AL, 0x0C55F5EAL, 0x1DADF43EL, 0x233F7061L,
0x3372F092L, 0x8D937E41L, 0xD65FECF1L, 0x6C223BDBL,
0x7CDE3759L, 0xCBEE7460L, 0x4085F2A7L, 0xCE77326EL,
0xA6078084L, 0x19F8509EL, 0xE8EFD855L, 0x61D99735L,
0xA969A7AAL, 0xC50C06C2L, 0x5A04ABFCL, 0x800BCADCL,
0x9E447A2EL, 0xC3453484L, 0xFDD56705L, 0x0E1E9EC9L,
0xDB73DBD3L, 0x105588CDL, 0x675FDA79L, 0xE3674340L,
0xC5C43465L, 0x713E38D8L, 0x3D28F89EL, 0xF16DFF20L,
0x153E21E7L, 0x8FB03D4AL, 0xE6E39F2BL, 0xDB83ADF7L,
0xE93D5A68L, 0x948140F7L, 0xF64C261CL, 0x94692934L,
0x411520F7L, 0x7602D4F7L, 0xBCF46B2EL, 0xD4A20068L,
0xD4082471L, 0x3320F46AL, 0x43B7D4B7L, 0x500061AFL,
0x1E39F62EL, 0x97244546L, 0x14214F74L, 0xBF8B8840L,
0x4D95FC1DL, 0x96B591AFL, 0x70F4DDD3L, 0x66A02F45L,
0xBFBC09ECL, 0x03BD9785L, 0x7FAC6DD0L, 0x31CB8504L,
0x96EB27B3L, 0x55FD3941L, 0xDA2547E6L, 0xABCA0A9AL,
0x28507825L, 0x530429F4L, 0x0A2C86DAL, 0xE9B66DFBL,
0x68DC1462L, 0xD7486900L, 0x680EC0A4L, 0x27A18DEEL,
0x4F3FFEA2L, 0xE887AD8CL, 0xB58CE006L, 0x7AF4D6B6L,
0xAACE1E7CL, 0xD3375FECL, 0xCE78A399L, 0x406B2A42L,
0x20FE9E35L, 0xD9F385B9L, 0xEE39D7ABL, 0x3B124E8BL,
0x1DC9FAF7L, 0x4B6D1856L, 0x26A36631L, 0xEAE397B2L,
0x3A6EFA74L, 0xDD5B4332L, 0x6841E7F7L, 0xCA7820FBL,
0xFB0AF54EL, 0xD8FEB397L, 0x454056ACL, 0xBA489527L,
0x55533A3AL, 0x20838D87L, 0xFE6BA9B7L, 0xD096954BL,
0x55A867BCL, 0xA1159A58L, 0xCCA92963L, 0x99E1DB33L,
0xA62A4A56L, 0x3F3125F9L, 0x5EF47E1CL, 0x9029317CL,
0xFDF8E802L, 0x04272F70L, 0x80BB155CL, 0x05282CE3L,
0x95C11548L, 0xE4C66D22L, 0x48C1133FL, 0xC70F86DCL,
0x07F9C9EEL, 0x41041F0FL, 0x404779A4L, 0x5D886E17L,
0x325F51EBL, 0xD59BC0D1L, 0xF2BCC18FL, 0x41113564L,
0x257B7834L, 0x602A9C60L, 0xDFF8E8A3L, 0x1F636C1BL,
0x0E12B4C2L, 0x02E1329EL, 0xAF664FD1L, 0xCAD18115L,
0x6B2395E0L, 0x333E92E1L, 0x3B240B62L, 0xEEBEB922L,
0x85B2A20EL, 0xE6BA0D99L, 0xDE720C8CL, 0x2DA2F728L,
0xD0127845L, 0x95B794FDL, 0x647D0862L, 0xE7CCF5F0L,
0x5449A36FL, 0x877D48FAL, 0xC39DFD27L, 0xF33E8D1EL,
0x0A476341L, 0x992EFF74L, 0x3A6F6EABL, 0xF4F8FD37L,
0xA812DC60L, 0xA1EBDDF8L, 0x991BE14CL, 0xDB6E6B0DL,
0xC67B5510L, 0x6D672C37L, 0x2765D43BL, 0xDCD0E804L,
0xF1290DC7L, 0xCC00FFA3L, 0xB5390F92L, 0x690FED0BL,
0x667B9FFBL, 0xCEDB7D9CL, 0xA091CF0BL, 0xD9155EA3L,
0xBB132F88L, 0x515BAD24L, 0x7B9479BFL, 0x763BD6EBL,
0x37392EB3L, 0xCC115979L, 0x8026E297L, 0xF42E312DL,
0x6842ADA7L, 0xC66A2B3BL, 0x12754CCCL, 0x782EF11CL,
0x6A124237L, 0xB79251E7L, 0x06A1BBE6L, 0x4BFB6350L,
0x1A6B1018L, 0x11CAEDFAL, 0x3D25BDD8L, 0xE2E1C3C9L,
0x44421659L, 0x0A121386L, 0xD90CEC6EL, 0xD5ABEA2AL,
0x64AF674EL, 0xDA86A85FL, 0xBEBFE988L, 0x64E4C3FEL,
0x9DBC8057L, 0xF0F7C086L, 0x60787BF8L, 0x6003604DL,
0xD1FD8346L, 0xF6381FB0L, 0x7745AE04L, 0xD736FCCCL,
0x83426B33L, 0xF01EAB71L, 0xB0804187L, 0x3C005E5FL,
0x77A057BEL, 0xBDE8AE24L, 0x55464299L, 0xBF582E61L,
0x4E58F48FL, 0xF2DDFDA2L, 0xF474EF38L, 0x8789BDC2L,
0x5366F9C3L, 0xC8B38E74L, 0xB475F255L, 0x46FCD9B9L,
0x7AEB2661L, 0x8B1DDF84L, 0x846A0E79L, 0x915F95E2L,
0x466E598EL, 0x20B45770L, 0x8CD55591L, 0xC902DE4CL,
0xB90BACE1L, 0xBB8205D0L, 0x11A86248L, 0x7574A99EL,
0xB77F19B6L, 0xE0A9DC09L, 0x662D09A1L, 0xC4324633L,
0xE85A1F02L, 0x09F0BE8CL, 0x4A99A025L, 0x1D6EFE10L,
0x1AB93D1DL, 0x0BA5A4DFL, 0xA186F20FL, 0x2868F169L,
0xDCB7DA83L, 0x573906FEL, 0xA1E2CE9BL, 0x4FCD7F52L,
0x50115E01L, 0xA70683FAL, 0xA002B5C4L, 0x0DE6D027L,
0x9AF88C27L, 0x773F8641L, 0xC3604C06L, 0x61A806B5L,
0xF0177A28L, 0xC0F586E0L, 0x006058AAL, 0x30DC7D62L,
0x11E69ED7L, 0x2338EA63L, 0x53C2DD94L, 0xC2C21634L,
0xBBCBEE56L, 0x90BCB6DEL, 0xEBFC7DA1L, 0xCE591D76L,
0x6F05E409L, 0x4B7C0188L, 0x39720A3DL, 0x7C927C24L,
0x86E3725FL, 0x724D9DB9L, 0x1AC15BB4L, 0xD39EB8FCL,
0xED545578L, 0x08FCA5B5L, 0xD83D7CD3L, 0x4DAD0FC4L,
0x1E50EF5EL, 0xB161E6F8L, 0xA28514D9L, 0x6C51133CL,
0x6FD5C7E7L, 0x56E14EC4L, 0x362ABFCEL, 0xDDC6C837L,
0xD79A3234L, 0x92638212L, 0x670EFA8EL, 0x406000E0L,
0x3A39CE37L, 0xD3FAF5CFL, 0xABC27737L, 0x5AC52D1BL,
0x5CB0679EL, 0x4FA33742L, 0xD3822740L, 0x99BC9BBEL,
0xD5118E9DL, 0xBF0F7315L, 0xD62D1C7EL, 0xC700C47BL,
0xB78C1B6BL, 0x21A19045L, 0xB26EB1BEL, 0x6A366EB4L,
0x5748AB2FL, 0xBC946E79L, 0xC6A376D2L, 0x6549C2C8L,
0x530FF8EEL, 0x468DDE7DL, 0xD5730A1DL, 0x4CD04DC6L,
0x2939BBDBL, 0xA9BA4650L, 0xAC9526E8L, 0xBE5EE304L,
0xA1FAD5F0L, 0x6A2D519AL, 0x63EF8CE2L, 0x9A86EE22L,
0xC089C2B8L, 0x43242EF6L, 0xA51E03AAL, 0x9CF2D0A4L,
0x83C061BAL, 0x9BE96A4DL, 0x8FE51550L, 0xBA645BD6L,
0x2826A2F9L, 0xA73A3AE1L, 0x4BA99586L, 0xEF5562E9L,
0xC72FEFD3L, 0xF752F7DAL, 0x3F046F69L, 0x77FA0A59L,
0x80E4A915L, 0x87B08601L, 0x9B09E6ADL, 0x3B3EE593L,
0xE990FD5AL, 0x9E34D797L, 0x2CF0B7D9L, 0x022B8B51L,
0x96D5AC3AL, 0x017DA67DL, 0xD1CF3ED6L, 0x7C7D2D28L,
0x1F9F25CFL, 0xADF2B89BL, 0x5AD6B472L, 0x5A88F54CL,
0xE029AC71L, 0xE019A5E6L, 0x47B0ACFDL, 0xED93FA9BL,
0xE8D3C48DL, 0x283B57CCL, 0xF8D56629L, 0x79132E28L,
0x785F0191L, 0xED756055L, 0xF7960E44L, 0xE3D35E8CL,
0x15056DD4L, 0x88F46DBAL, 0x03A16125L, 0x0564F0BDL,
0xC3EB9E15L, 0x3C9057A2L, 0x97271AECL, 0xA93A072AL,
0x1B3F6D9BL, 0x1E6321F5L, 0xF59C66FBL, 0x26DCF319L,
0x7533D928L, 0xB155FDF5L, 0x03563482L, 0x8ABA3CBBL,
0x28517711L, 0xC20AD9F8L, 0xABCC5167L, 0xCCAD925FL,
0x4DE81751L, 0x3830DC8EL, 0x379D5862L, 0x9320F991L,
0xEA7A90C2L, 0xFB3E7BCEL, 0x5121CE64L, 0x774FBE32L,
0xA8B6E37EL, 0xC3293D46L, 0x48DE5369L, 0x6413E680L,
0xA2AE0810L, 0xDD6DB224L, 0x69852DFDL, 0x09072166L,
0xB39A460AL, 0x6445C0DDL, 0x586CDECFL, 0x1C20C8AEL,
0x5BBEF7DDL, 0x1B588D40L, 0xCCD2017FL, 0x6BB4E3BBL,
0xDDA26A7EL, 0x3A59FF45L, 0x3E350A44L, 0xBCB4CDD5L,
0x72EACEA8L, 0xFA6484BBL, 0x8D6612AEL, 0xBF3C6F47L,
0xD29BE463L, 0x542F5D9EL, 0xAEC2771BL, 0xF64E6370L,
0x740E0D8DL, 0xE75B1357L, 0xF8721671L, 0xAF537D5DL,
0x4040CB08L, 0x4EB4E2CCL, 0x34D2466AL, 0x0115AF84L,
0xE1B00428L, 0x95983A1DL, 0x06B89FB4L, 0xCE6EA048L,
0x6F3F3B82L, 0x3520AB82L, 0x011A1D4BL, 0x277227F8L,
0x611560B1L, 0xE7933FDCL, 0xBB3A792BL, 0x344525BDL,
0xA08839E1L, 0x51CE794BL, 0x2F32C9B7L, 0xA01FBAC9L,
0xE01CC87EL, 0xBCC7D1F6L, 0xCF0111C3L, 0xA1E8AAC7L,
0x1A908749L, 0xD44FBD9AL, 0xD0DADECBL, 0xD50ADA38L,
0x0339C32AL, 0xC6913667L, 0x8DF9317CL, 0xE0B12B4FL,
0xF79E59B7L, 0x43F5BB3AL, 0xF2D519FFL, 0x27D9459CL,
0xBF97222CL, 0x15E6FC2AL, 0x0F91FC71L, 0x9B941525L,
0xFAE59361L, 0xCEB69CEBL, 0xC2A86459L, 0x12BAA8D1L,
0xB6C1075EL, 0xE3056A0CL, 0x10D25065L, 0xCB03A442L,
0xE0EC6E0EL, 0x1698DB3BL, 0x4C98A0BEL, 0x3278E964L,
0x9F1F9532L, 0xE0D392DFL, 0xD3A0342BL, 0x8971F21EL,
0x1B0A7441L, 0x4BA3348CL, 0xC5BE7120L, 0xC37632D8L,
0xDF359F8DL, 0x9B992F2EL, 0xE60B6F47L, 0x0FE3F11DL,
0xE54CDA54L, 0x1EDAD891L, 0xCE6279CFL, 0xCD3E7E6FL,
0x1618B166L, 0xFD2C1D05L, 0x848FD2C5L, 0xF6FB2299L,
0xF523F357L, 0xA6327623L, 0x93A83531L, 0x56CCCD02L,
0xACF08162L, 0x5A75EBB5L, 0x6E163697L, 0x88D273CCL,
0xDE966292L, 0x81B949D0L, 0x4C50901BL, 0x71C65614L,
0xE6C6C7BDL, 0x327A140AL, 0x45E1D006L, 0xC3F27B9AL,
0xC9AA53FDL, 0x62A80F00L, 0xBB25BFE2L, 0x35BDD2F6L,
0x71126905L, 0xB2040222L, 0xB6CBCF7CL, 0xCD769C2BL,
0x53113EC0L, 0x1640E3D3L, 0x38ABBD60L, 0x2547ADF0L,
0xBA38209CL, 0xF746CE76L, 0x77AFA1C5L, 0x20756060L,
0x85CBFE4EL, 0x8AE88DD8L, 0x7AAAF9B0L, 0x4CF9AA7EL,
0x1948C25CL, 0x02FB8A8CL, 0x01C36AE4L, 0xD6EBE1F9L,
0x90D4F869L, 0xA65CDEA0L, 0x3F09252DL, 0xC208E69FL,
0xB74E6132L, 0xCE77E25BL, 0x578FDFE3L, 0x3AC372E6L

#define LIMIT (sizeof(pi)/4)

int fillarray( unsigned *d, int n)
unsigned u ;
int urandom, i, j, m ;
struct timeval t ;

// move items that fail test to end of list
for( i = 0, j = LIMIT-1 ; i < j ; i++ ) {
if( !accept(pi[i]) ) {
// swap with last item
swap(i,j) ;
// take last off list
j-- ;
// record reduced list size
m = j + 1 ;
// do we have enough?
if( m < n )
return(0) ;

// somewhat random initialiser
gettimeofday(&t, NULL) ;
srandom( pi[0] ^ (t.tv_sec+(t.tv_usec << 20)) ^ (getpid()+(getppid()<<16)) ) ;

// put list in random order
// algorithm from Knuth
for( /* j is already set */ ; j > 0 ; j-- ) {
i = random() % (j+1) ;
if( i != j )
swap(i,j) ;

// copy part of randomized list to target
memcpy(d,pi,n*4) ;
return(n) ;

void swap(int i, int j)
unsigned x ;
x = pi[i] ;
pi[i] = pi[j] ;
pi[j] = x ;