2006-09-07 01:39:47

by Dave Kleikamp

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Subject: ext4 devel interlock meeting minutes (Sept. 6, 2006)

Disclaimer: I didn't take notes during the call and every time I get
back to these minutes, I get interrupted by something else, so forgive
me if I leave anything important out.

- Mingming is working on rebasing the ext4 patches on the -mm tree,
which should closely resemble the ext3 code that will be in the early
2.6.19 code base.

- Shaggy will review all the comments made against Alex Tomas's extents
patches in the ext2-devel list to make sure that they are all addressed
in the latest patches.

- Eric Sandeen reports that Ted Ts'o has picked up about 30% of the 16
TB e2fsprogs patches.

- The -mm kernel contains all the cleanups and 16 TB support that we
want to base ext4 from. There are a couple outstanding bug fixes that
Badari is working, but they are just a few lines of code. We expect all
of these patches to make it into 2.6.19-rc1 after 2.6.18 is final.

- Andreas Dilger and Laurent Vivier discussed Bull's large group
descriptor patches. Patches need more testing.

- Andreas asked about posting minutes. Shaggy volunteered to do it this
week despite not taking any notes. :-) Expect better minutes next

David Kleikamp
IBM Linux Technology Center