2006-10-18 19:00:40

by Avantika Mathur LTC

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Subject: Ext4 devel interlock meeting minutes (Oct. 18, 2006)

Ext4 Developer Interlock Call: 10/18/06 Minutes

Attendees: Shaggy, Jean-Pierre Dion, Val?rie Cl?ment, Suparna
Bhattacharya, Andreas Dilger, Avantika Mathur

- Testing: Jean-Noel has been testing Ext4 in mainline on an x86_64
machine using a 10 TB sparse disk. So far, the tests have been going
well and a detailed report will be posted to the mailing list. Avantika
will also begin more testing of Ext4.

- Val?rie has made changes to e2fsprogs for the big block group patch,
and will begin testing tomorrow. Once done testing, she will post to
the mailing list.

- Need to address question of when we will stop Ext4 development, by
defining which features will be added and when. Plan to go through the
list of features to consider, and decide target dates for each feature.
Probably want to complete any on disk changes quickly. This will all be
discussed on the mailing list.