2006-12-05 11:18:45

by Takashi Sato

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Subject: [RFC][PATCH 0/2] Extent base online defrag (ver 0.2)


I've updated my patches for the extent base online defrag.
The differences from my previous patches are as follows:
- Fix the problem that the number of the used blocks reported by
quota command decreases incorrectly after defragmentation.
- Support the hole file.
- Fix the credit calculation for the journal transaction.
2048 was passed to ext3_journal_start() directly for the provisional
solution. Now, the number of the modified blocks
is calculated and passed to ext3_ext_journal_restart() before
modifying the metadata block for inserting the new extent or freeing
the blocks.

My patches need the following Alex's old patches for the multi-block
"[RFC] extents,mballoc,delalloc for"
So they support only ext3. Alex updated his patches recently, so I will
update my patches to support ext4 later.

I have found the problem which causes Oops when inserting
the 5th extent into the temporary inode. The new extent was corrupted
because the first block in it was used as a extent block and the length
of it shortened in ext3_new_block_cb().
When the filesystem has free blocks sufficiently, the number of
the extents in the temporary inode is usually less than 5 and it
doesn't occur.
This problem seems to be fixed on ext4 of the mainline. So, it will
be solved when I update my patches for ext4 later.

My TODO list contains the followings.
- Support ext4.
- Put the multiple files close together.
- Support indirect block file.
- Optimize the depth of extent tree and the number of extent blocks
after defragmentation.
- The blocks on the temporary inode are moved to the original inode
by a page in the current implementation. I have to tune
the pages unit for the performance.

Summary Of Patches:
*These patches apply on top of Alex's patches.
"[RFC] extents,mballoc,delalloc for"

[PATCH 1/2] Allocate new contiguous blocks with Alex's mballoc
- Search contiguous free blocks and allocate them for the temporary
inode with Alex's multi-block allocation.

[PATCH 2/2] Move the file data to the new blocks
- Move the blocks on the temporary inode to the original inode
by a page.

* The command isn't changed. You can get it from the following URL.
"[RFC][PATCH 3/3] Online defrag command"

Any comments are welcome.

Cheers, Takashi