2007-06-21 15:55:10

by Valerie Clement

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Subject: [RFC][PATCH 0/11] [take 2] e2fsprogs: add 64-bit support

I have updated my patchset taking into account comments received from
Andreas and Jose, except for the last patch concerning the ACLs/EAs for
which I did not do anything.
As the changes are rather significant, I send here a new version for review.

Changes from the previous version:
- support of different group descriptor sizes for ext4 filesystems:
-- Add new inline functions to get/set the block bitmap block, the
inode bitmap block and the inode table block of a group.
-- Add a new inline function to get the descriptor of a group.
- remove some '_EXT4FS_' conditional compilation and use instead
- Fix errors found in the test suite "make check"

- support of 48-bit in extents to complete,
- support of 48-bit block number for EAs to do,
- change the format string %u for a block number to %llu in case of
64 bits (many occurences in the code)
- more testing

Current status:
the code was compiled with _EXT4FS_ option, booted and briefly tested on
a 20TB device on an x86_64 system (mkfs, debugfs, e2fsck, dumpe2fs,
filefrag commands tested).
Some non-regression tests also done on ext3 filesystems when compiling
code without _EXT4FS_ option.

This patchset applies to the version e2fsprogs-1.39-tyt3 of e2fsprogs in
the following order:

[PATCH 1/11] add new mkfs option to create ext4 filesystems
[PATCH 2/11] add new macro EXT2_DESC_PER_BLOCK in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 3/11] new badblocks interface in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 4/11] convert some block types in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 5/11] new bitmaps interface in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 6/11] handling of 64-bit block counts in e2fsprofs
[PATCH 7/11] handling of 64-bit block numbers in group desc in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 8/11] 48-bit extents in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 9/11] indirect block type conversion in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 10/11] convert blk_t to 64-bit for ext4 FS in e2fsprogs
[PATCH 11/11] 48-bit block number for ACL in e2fsprogs