2007-08-07 07:15:36

by Avantika Mathur

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Subject: Ext4 devel interlock meeting minutes (July 30, 2007)

Ext4 Developer Interlock Call: August 6, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mingming Cao, Ted T'so, Andreas Dilger, Jean Pierre Dion,
Valerie Clement, Jose Santos, Aneesh Veetil, Avantika Mathur

- Valerie has developed a series of patches to e2fsprogs, preparing it
for 64-bit support. She still needs to re-write some of the patches,
taking Ted and Andreas' comments into account.
-- The current patches are against e2fsprogs-1.40, in which there is
no extents support. Ted will first work on designing the extents
interface before extents will supported in e2fsprogs.

- Aneesh has been working on an undo I/O manager. Currently his this is
only for mke2fs, Andreas said it would be useful to have this
functionality available in e2fsck as well. Aneesh will try to add this
as he gets time.

- Aneesh's enlarge inode patches are desired for addition in e2fsprogs.
Current interface is through tunefs. Andreas wonders if it might make
sense to make this function part of resizefs rather than adding
complexity to tunefs. Also, since we will also have the ability to
change the number of inodes, resizefs would be a good place for this
- Aneesh will also try to post some testcases for the feature next time
he posts the patches

There was much discussion on the Flexible block groups feature under
development by Jose; including the desired function and how it is
implemented. Jose proposed implementing dynamic inode tables on top of
the flex_bg feature.
- Jose will send an e-mail to the mailing list with the purpose of the
feature and current plans, to make sure there is consensus before moving